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Strong family harmonies, blending together like only the voices of twin sisters can, combined with honest original songs is what you can expect to hear from Sisters Mann.  With influences ranging from the Indigo Girls to Fleetwood Mac, Lauren and Alexandra Mann are up-and-coming artists, songwriters and musicians, originating from Miami, FL.  Lauren's keyboards and rich vocals inhabit a haunting higher register, while Alexandra's gritty guitar playing and harmony blend to create a distinctively edgy acoustic pop sound. Their music and songwriting mirrors their passions and aims to inspire others to care for our environment and each other. It is clear they enjoy performing side-by-side for their sisterly love and family harmonies making for a uniquely entertaining show.  Deemed "ones to watch" by Music Row critic Robert Oermann, Sisters Mann delivers authentic songs and melodies that keep folks captivated and coming back for more. 



Vocals, Keyboard, Piano / Lauren Mann
Vocals, Guitar / Alexandra Mann


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Sisters Mann We believe in using the power of music to inspire people to come together to better the world we live in. Through our words and actions, we hope to empower communities to care for our environment and for each other.